Orthodox Christian Carvings by Dn. Romanos (Ron) Slockett


Dn. Romanos is an Orthodox Deacon with a love for Byzantine Iconography. He has been carving for about a decade. With his love for the liturgical arts and a passion for making things with his hands, he attempted to create carvings on his own. He was then given the opportunity to attend a workshop under the tutelage of Jonathan Pageau (master carver and teacher) where he learned some of the fundamentals of icon carving. He continues to grow in his knowledge and love for byzantine iconography in all of its forms.Dcn. Romanos has done commissions for churches and individuals and would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a liturgical commission.His work includes: Carved Icons, Prosphora Stamps, Crosses, and more!Feel free to reach out for your specific needs.